The minimum top up

LegalSounds have quite a high minimum top up compared to other mp3 sites on the web at $25.00. However songs are a lot cheap than most websites, costing just 9 cents each. If you're after a good deal on mp3 music, LegalSounds is the site to use!

LegalSounds Down-Time

LegalSounds seems to be down today, but don't worry, it will be back up and running tomorrow. If you can't wait till then to download music, try another mp3 site listed on MP3 Obsession, some offer songs for as little as 5¢ a track, so it's worth a look.

How to get FREE songs

Getting free songs from LegalSounds isn't as hard as you think. If you're using the site, you will know that you need to top up your account with a minimum of $25 in order to download music. But what you might not know is that you can get free songs when you top up a little more. So here's what you can get: Top up $39.00 to get 50 free songs

Top up $50.00 to get 80 free songs

Top up $100.00 to get 200 free songs Head over to LegalSounds now to get yourself some free music.

Another Great Feature

Most DownloadedLegalSounds has another great feature on it's site, the most downloaded albums section within a particular artist.

For example, if you click on Cold Play, you are given a list of their albums, a list of compilations they are on and a list of their most downloaded albums.

I love this feature, if you've found a new artist you like, it's nice to know what albums are popular so you can really get your teeth into a new artist! Head over to LegalSounds to see this for yourself.

Is LegalSounds actually Legal?

It might be called LegalSounds, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is! Well the good news is, it's 100% legal. On their site in their legal info section, they state that all mp3s on the site are available for distribution due to a specific license in the "Russian Multimedia and Internet Society". However, all mp3s from LegalSounds are only legal when you are using them for personal use only. Basically, you  cannot distribute, re-sell or broadcast what you download. But we kinda know that already! So why are you still here, get over to LegalSounds and start download some legal, cheap mp3 songs.