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LegalSoundsLegal Sounds have a good homepage, it's got everything you need within easy reach.

This includes the music catalogue, charts, most downloaded albums, just added and hot releases.

So if you're stuck for ideas of what to download, Legal Sounds is a good site to check out.

Search for everything you could ever want

Search LegalSounds MusicLegal Sounds can be quite a tough site to navigate around, there is lots on the homepage, but it can be out-of-date sometimes. What saves these guys is their great search facility.

The search box is on the top right of the site and will help you find anything you've ever wanted to download. You can search in genres, by letter or type what you want.

The results are very accurate too so if you can't find it on Legal Sounds, it's going to be a tough job to hunt down!

Head over to Legal Sounds now to browse for some music to download.

Need some help?

HelpLegal Sounds can be a very confusing site if you've not used it before. But luckily, they have come up with a solution to tackle this little problem, with an extensive help section.

The help area covers things like how to download music, where your files are saved to, the legality of the service, how to register and loads more.

Overall, this is a really useful part of their site, well done Legal Sounds.

Legal Sounds, iTunes and iPods

iTunesA question asked so often, can I use my iPod and iTunes library if I download music from Legal Sounds? Well the answer to that is yes! And it's really easy to do too!

Go to Legal Sounds and download all the music your internet connection can handle at once. Or you can just downloader as much as you need of course...

Once you've downloaded all the music you want, you need to work out where they are saved to. This is usually 'My Downloads' or the desktop. Wherever it is, you can find out by going to the options of your browser and seeing where it is set to.

To get them into your iTunes library, you need to first open iTunes. Now to import your newly downloaded music. Go to 'file' and click 'add to library'. You will be given a browser window, click the folder that your music is saved to (where your browser saves it) and click add. This will import all your new download ready to be added to your iPod like any other song in your iTunes library.

For a more detailed guide with screenshots etc, click here: iTunes Help Guide

Even more tracks added

Track CountLegal Sounds always boast a big music library, but this just keeps going up and up and seems to have no limit! That's great news, the more the merrier as they say! The more they list, the more we can download. And with songs being just $0.09 each, you really do have to struggle to find a bad point about this site.

They now offer customers over 2,134,020 individual songs to download, over 188,680 albums and list over 112,480 artists! To prove they aren't cheating us, they publish this nice little image on the left hand side of the site. Well done Legal Sounds, we love you!

Get over to the site now to see for yourself: Visit Legal Sounds