Charts Galore @ Legal Sounds

Legal Sounds offer loads of choice when it comes to downloading mp3s, they have over 2,114,386 tracks to download, all at just 9¢ each. That's a lot of tracks to look though, so they have a section for charts, which is very extensive, not just your average Top 40.

LegalSounds ChartsThere are charts for:

USA Top 100 Albums

USA Top 40 Singles

European Top 100 Albums

UK Top 50

Germany Top 50

European MTV Top 20

Top 20 Internet Albums

R&B/Hip-Hop Top 100 Albums

Top 75 Country Albums

Top 40 Global Dance Tracks

Top 25 Jazz Albums

Top 25 Classical Albums

Head over to Legal Sounds now to make the most of these wacky, unusual charts! I'm not quite sure what the Top 20 Internet Albums are, but hey, it makes browsing Legal Sounds a little bit more fun than other sites, so it's all good!

Give me FREE songs!

How do you get free songs from LegalSounds? Well, it's pretty easy really, you just have to top up your account with them a little more than usual and they will give you some very good deals. Top up $39.00 to get 50 free songs

Top up $50.00 to get 80 free songs

Top up $100.00 to get 200 free songs Get over to LegalSounds now to take advantage of this offer.

What do you think?

I love LegalSounds, but I want to know what you guys think of it. Is it a bit marmite, you either love it or hate it?

Do you like the design, have you had any problems downloading, have you needed to contact them about anything, were they helpful?

Let me know here!

Free Song of the Day: Taylor Swift

If you love your American Country girls, then head over to Legal Sounds now for a free song! Today's song is 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift and you can get this just by registering with the site. Which is also free.

What's the catch... erm, can't see one. Oh, you need a valid email address, but you've probably got that anyway, so no, there isn't a catch.

Once you've got your free song, other songs on the site are just 9¢ each, so you can get loads of music for next to nothing!

Get over to Legal Sounds now for this great deal.

Register to get the US Top 40 for FREE

Free SongsIf you want some free songs, Legal Sounds is the site to go to at the moment! They are offering new customers the US top 40 to download for free once they have registered with the site.

Registration is free, so you really have got nothing to loose by trying this site out. Once you are registered, you can download anything from the site at just per song. Nice and cheap!

Head over to Legal Sounds now to grab your free songs.