How can I pay for my tracks?

VisaLegal Sounds offer tracks for just 9¢ each, which is a really good deal I think! But, as cheap as this may be, you can't send them 9¢ on a card payment or by PayPal every time!

This is where the minimum top up comes into effect. You top up an amount with them and you buy songs from that allowance until it runs dry, then you add more cash and get more cheap mp3s.

Legal Sounds do have quite a high minimum top up at $25.00, but as you can imagine, that's going to last a while!

In fact, it works out to be 277 songs. That's quite a lot of music. I'd like to see iTunes compete with those prices!

So, how do you add your $25.00? Legal Sounds accept four different payment types, Visa, MasterCard, uKash and Paysafe.

The same minimum $25.00 top up applies for each method though.

These methods change quite a bit, even as I was writing this post they added Paysafe! So as soon as any updates or changes occur, I will update on here. So if you're about to top up, check here first for the latest info.

Go to Legal Sounds now and grab some great cheap mp3 songs!

10 Free Songs for Registering

Legal Sounds are currently offering any who registers with them 10 Free Songs. Registration with Legal Sounds is FREE, and only takes a few moments. All you need to provide them with is: Your Name

Your Email Address

A Password

A Security Question and Answer

Your Gender

Your Language Decide if you want the newsletter or not and you're done. Confirm your email address with them by clicking a link they send you, and you've got 10 free songs of your choice ready to download and start listening to straight away. With songs at just 9¢, this site just gets better and better. Click here to get this offer while you can: Legal Sounds

Top Up Offers

Legal Sounds offer registered users some pretty good offers when you top up your account. Of course, you need to top up a little more than the minimum payment to get any bonuses: Top up $39.00 to get 50 free songs

Top up $50.00 to get 80 free songs

Top up $100.00 to get 200 free songs With songs at 9¢ each to start with, the minimum payment of $25.00 would last long enough on it's own, so you can imagine how long $100.00 and 200 free songs will last you! Legal Sounds accept Visa, MasterCard, UKash and DaoPay as payments to your account. Head over to Legal Sounds now to take advantage of these great offers!

Free Song of the Day

Not only is Legal Sounds the cheapest mp3 download site on the web, they also offer registered users a 'Free Song of the Day', everyday!

This can be found on the homepage, and can be downloaded by simply clicking on it. It will then go into your 'My Downloads' area ready to be downloaded to your pc.

The cheapest site on the web...

LegalSounds are the cheapest mp3 download site online. It's official. There is no-one cheaper than Legal Sounds, not sure how they do it, but we love it! The only catch with them I guess is their minimum top up, which is quite high at $25.00! But... this will last you a long time, seeing as tracks are just 9¢ each! So head over to LegalSounds now for some really good cheap mp3s.